Ever sent messages you wanted to take back?
Now you can with Chatazap!

INSTANTLY remove Messages, Photos or Videos from the
other person's phone... AT ANY TIME!

  • Innovative ZAP! and destroy
    Click the Zap! button to INSTANTLY remove Messages, Photos or Videos from the other person's device, regardless of whether the message has been read or unread or the Photo or Video has been downloaded or not!
  • The ultimate in privacy
    All messages and media are sent as Private Viewing Only, this stops the other person from being able to share your messages or media on to their friends and also disables the ability for them to save your media to their phone's Camera Roll. But you also have the ability to allow sharing if you want to.
  • Chat anonymously to others as your Username
    As well as Chatting to friends from your Contacts as your Own name, (the name they have for you in their address book), you can also create a Username Profile to Chat to other Chatazap users anonymously. Unlike other messaging apps, Chatazap doesn't link your phone number to your chosen Username so when Chatting as your Own name, your Username is kept private, and when Chatting anonymously as your Username, your Own name and phone number are kept private. In effect you have 2 accounts that are totally separate from each other!
  • High security level
    The security of your sent and received Messages, Photos and Videos is paramount to us and we have a number of security procedures and encryption protocols in place to offer you protection against any one trying to access your account.
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